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Towards a fair sharing economy: The role of cooperative platforms


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Conference in the European Economic and Social Committee, Brussels

EESC Building – Room VMA 3 (2nd floor) ; 2 rue Van Maerlant – 1040 – Brussels

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Digital platforms are powerful tools for matching needs, cooperation and sharing information, but they also raise property, governance, democracy issues. Can we do more than describing the dangers of concentration and value chain capture of most powerful digital firms? Can we try to control the situation or, even better, go one step ahead? What kind of solutions can we find relying on “commons »? Can social and solidarity economy (SSE) “collective” organisations (cooperatives, mutualities, associations…) contribute to fairer solutions and be a part of a new European political project?

At the conference, activists of the commons and the social and solidarity economy will give examples of how fair and sharing platforms can be created and show the variety of models, the opportunities and challenges they represent for legislation and society. Regulation of the practices, needs for support and public policies will be discussed.

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