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Industrial relations in Turkey


Date / Heure
14 h 30 min - 17 h 00 min

Confrontations Europe organized a European seminar on :

Industrial relations in Turkey

In Brussels (19-21 rue du Luxembourg – metro station Trone )

Industrial relations in Turkey are characterised by low union density, decentralised collective bargaining and difficult labour-employer and labour-state relations. The state became the leading actor in industry and the biggest industrial employer, adopting various Acts to regulate both individual and collective labour relations. Labour rights gained in Europe were transposed in Turkey by the state, without really involving workers and employers.  

Here are the main issues for debate:

• What is the current state of social dialogue in Turkey and its most recent developments?

• How do the actors of the Turkish industrial relations system apprehend the issues of energy transition?

• How to assess the results of the Turkish social dialogue?

• What ways could be explored to develop the social dialogue at all levels (company, territories, sectors, national… )

• What role for the European Union to promote the development of social dialogue?

To discuss with us on these topics, we will have the following speakers with us:

−       Enis BAGDADIOGLU, director of the Research Department, TURK-IS

−       Stan DE SPIEGELAERE, researcher, ETUI

−       Özgür Doğaç GÜRSEL, research, Training and External Relations Expert, TISK

−      Christiane WESTPHAL, DG Employment, European Commission (confirmed)


This seminar is part of the project the « Industrial Relations in Europe facing the challenges of employment« , which is supported by DG Employment of the European Commission.