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European Climate Change Policies: What paths for Energy Transition?


Date / Heure
9 h 30 min - 12 h 30 min

Dear friends,

We would like to cordially invite you to attend our seminar on:

« European Climate Change Policies: What trajectories for Energy Transition? »

Wednesday 21st of September 2016 (9:30 am -12:30)  

In Brussels at Confrontations Europe’s office (19-21 rue du Luxembourg)

In the context of the Energy & Climate Change strategy for 2020-2030, the Energy & Climate group of Confrontations Europe organizes two meetings to compare the paths of six countries engaged in the energy transition.
•    United-Kingdom
•    Italy
•    France
•    Czech Republic
•    Sweden
•    Germany

These meeting are intended to describe national characteristics (natural resources, technological choices etc.) and the terms that have been used to comply with the European regulatory framework (liberalization, 2020 targets, etc…). Which paths have been followed? What are the differences but also the possible convergence between Member States? Which good practices could be underlined?

Confrontations Europe is pleased to invite you to the first of these two sessions, dealing with three countries namely France, Italy and United-Kingdom with the participation of three renowned experts:


  • M. Dominique Auverlot (Strategist Commissioner for the Prime Minister – France Stratégie) – France
  • Prof. Carlo Andrea Bollino (Energy Economist – Perugia University) – Italy
  • Prof. Ariel Bergmann (Energy Economist at the CEPMLP – Dundee University) – U.K

The second of these two meeting will take place in October.

Debates will be hold in English.

Please register with Alexandre Ferrafiat aferrafiat@confrontations.org