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Data: beyond the protection versus innovation dilemma


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Benjamin André, CEO & Co-Founder of CozyCloud
Michal Boni, MEP (EPP, PL), Founding Member of the Digital Agenda Intergroup
Eric Peters, Deputy Head of Unit, Digital Single Market, DG CNECT

The digital identity of private and public European organizations represented 53 billion euros in 2011, according to the Boston Consulting Group. By 2020, all sectors combined could represent up to 330 billion. Data have become the new currency in the digital economy and the growth opportunities in the areas of Big Data or the Internet of Things are often branded as another Eldorado. But such wealth might dwindle if confident relations are not established. What options does Europe have to reclaim control over our data? How to concretely assure a just and fair balance between freedom of speech, private life and economic development of innovative activities in Europe?